Conference presentations
Inclusivity by Design at Smashing Mag 19 in San Francisco, with Jennifer Brook.
How To Win Users and Influence Product at Growth Marketing Stage 19 in Kiev.
Instax as Objects of Record at EPIC 17 in Montreal.
Embracing Design Ethnography at Radical Research Summit 17 in Vancouver.
The Information Architecture of World IA Day at UX Alive 16 in Istanbul.
The Information Architecture of World IA Day at IA Summit 16 in Atlanta.
Representing Information Across Channels at Collaborate 14 in Bristol. 
Cultural Considerations at Interact 14 in London.
Representing Information Across Channels at EuroIA 14 in Brussels.
The Do-Gooder Industrial Complex? at Theorizing the Web 14 in New York.
Apps won’t change the world at Digital Shoreditch 14 in London.
It’s about people at IA Summit 13 in Baltimore.

Corporate presentations
Open by Design at Atlassian’s Design Week 17 in Sydney.
Surviving Surveys at Atlassian's Design Week 16 in Sydney. 

Information Strategy & Structure at World IA Day 2017 in San Francisco.
The way we think abut experience design at Digital Conversations in London.

Community events
Leveraging design research in the enterprise at UX Veneto in Veneto (Italy).  
3 C’s for Contextualizing UX at UX Café MeetUp in London.

Academic lectures
Simon, D. P. (2016). University of Oxford. Lecture conducted at OXDeG.
Kappler, B. and Simon, D. P. (2014). Bahcesehir Universitesi. 
Power, L. and Simon, D. P. (2014). University of Manchester, School of CS.
Simon, D. P. (2014). University of Johannesburg, Faculty of Art & Design. 

Practitioner workshops
Interview Bootcamp at Growth Marketing Stage in Kiev.
Design the invite at Bug Game Lab in Istanbul. Facilitated with Ben Kappler.
Empathizing with Designers at IstanbulCoders. Facilitated with Ben Kappler.
T4D Capacity Building for UNICEF in Nairobi. Facilitated with Vivek Veeramani.
Creating mobile strategies based on empathy at Agile UX 13 in Nashville.
Contextualizing User Experience for iHub in Nairobi. 

Academic workshops
Allo, P. and Simon, D. P. (2016). A dialogue between Information Architecture and the Philosophy of Information. Workshop conducted at the University of Oxford.



Make meetings magical on Dropbox Design.
Utilizing card sorts for brand research on OptimalWorkshop's blog.
What We Talk About When We Talk About Ontology in UXMag.
When There’s Nothing Left to Take Away in UXMag.
Workshop Wisdom on ThoughtWorks blog.
Visualizing Progress with Agile Storymapping in UXMag. Translated into Turkish.
Evolving Products With People-Focused Research on ThoughtWorks blog.
Copywriting Across Channels in UX Matters.
The Art of Guerrilla Usability Testing in UX Booth.

How to use Legos to spark creative customer conversations
We all want WhatsApp...

Exploring the Hippest Coffee Shops in Johannesburg in Vagabondish. 

Alastair Rae, founder of Albam Clothing
Bahwee, founder of HuhWhat&Where
Erik Hersman, founder of Ushahidi
Hauschka, composer
Mark Safranko, author
Scott Berkun, author
Olafur Arnalds, composer

Peer-reviewed academic papers
Simon, D. P. (2014). Representing Information Across Channels. In Reframing Information Architecture (1st ed., pp. 131-143). London, UK: Springer.

Practitioner-oriented reports
Graham, M., Lehdonvirta, V., Barnard, H., Wood, A., Hjorth, I., Simon, D. P. (2017). The Risks and Rewards of Online Gig Work At The Global Margins. Oxford. Oxford Internet Institute.