Steyn, J., & Levé, É. (2011). Suicide. Champaign, [Ill.: Dalkey Archive Press.

Memories, like photographs, freezes recollections. 3

The sheer number of things you didn’t do is dizzying, because it throws light on the number of things we will ourselves be stripped of. 30

the improbable ways of a foreigner are accepted. Far from your home, you used to taste the pleasure of eing mad without being alienated, of being an imbecile without renouncing your intelligence, of being an impostor without culpability. 32

To portray your life in order would be absurd. I remember you at random. My brain resurrects you through schochastic details, like picking marbles out of a bag. 34

Death is a country of which nothing is known; no one has returned to describe it. 64

If each event consisted of its beginning, its beginning real, and its completion, you would prefer the beginning because there desire wins out over pleasure. 79

To be reminded of the differences that separated you gave you the impression of being a stranger to your family. 90

The self excused is a self accused. 91